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Truck accidents are notorious for producing fatal and disabling injuries, and the catastrophic aftermath of these accidents can significantly change the quality of your life for the worst. The accumulating medical bills and a lack of income sources are enough to pull you down a financial drain. But don’t lose hope. Retaining the help of a Chicago truck accident lawyer might can help pull you out of this financial spiral.



Chicago truck accident lawyers deeply understand the local statutes surrounding truck accidents. At Conboy Law Firm, our experienced truck accident lawyer defended and fought for the rights of countless local truck accident victims; along with the victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, Lyft and Uber accidents. Here’s how we were able to help them:

  • Meticulous case analysis. Truck accident cases usually start with an in-depth investigation led by our Chicago semi-truck accident lawyer. Our Chicago truck accident attorney will carefully assess every facet of your case and determine the best next step.
  • Effective settlement negotiation. Our Chicago truck accident lawyer has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. We will help you ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses.
  • Build solid truck accident claims. We can help you recover valuable pieces of evidence for your case. Once we obtain this critical evidence, we will help you build a solid injury claim.
  • Professional case representation. Unfortunately, not every truck accident cases resolve immediately. When disparity arises between both parties, our truck accident lawyer will advocate for your rights and fight for the justice you deserve.


According to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s 2019 Crash Facts, the state reported 11,741 tractor-trailer crashes. Furthermore, the department also documented that semi-truck crashes account for 3.8% of total crashes in the same year. The figure below provides a detailed breakdown of the semi-truck crash occurrence:

  • Property Damage Crashes: 9,827
  • Injury Crashes: 1,814
  • Incapacitating Crashes: 311
  • Fatal Crashes: 100
  • Total Crashes: 11,741

Also, from the same report, the state reported 116 deaths resulting from fatal truck accident crashes. Most of the deaths are from other vehicle occupants (89), followed by tractor-trailer occupants (17) and pedestrians (10). The state reported no casualties from pedal cyclists and occupants of non-motor vehicles.


Our proficient truck accident attorney handles different types of trucking accidents. Unbeknownst to most people, there are different types of semi-truck accidents present. A trucking accident may be caused by negligence, a manufacturing defect, or other errors.

  • Jackknife Crashes. This is the most commonly encountered type of truck accident, and this accident occurs when a large truck trailer propels forward, towing the truck on one side, forming a jackknife.
  • Rollover Crashes. This truck accident often happens due to malfunctioning truck control. A truck could wipe out vehicles in its path when it rolls over.
  • Tire Blowouts. Perforated tires are an uncommon occurrence for most motor vehicles. However, with the enormous size of trucks, a tire blowout could result in an accident.
  • Wide Turn. Truck drivers have limited vision of the road, and because of this, they often make incorrect judgments when turning sides. A wide turn is when a truck driver steers their vehicle to change direction without noticing their right side, trapping other vehicles or even pedestrians.
  • Blind Spots. As mentioned above, truck drivers don’t have a good vision of nearby vehicles, and these lapses in their vision could severely harm every motorist near their enormous vehicle.
  • Rear-End Crashes. Inattentive driving is the most commonly known culprit of this accident. This accident occurs when a truck crashes into the vehicle’s rear end in front of them.
  • Under Ride. This accident can occur if the truck abruptly stops with a smaller vehicle speeding up behind them. This is deemed one of the deadliest forms of truck accidents.
  • Lost Load. Trailers from a truck can fall off if their connection is not secured. These large trailers could collide with the vehicles behind them, causing a significant accident.
  • Head-On Crashes. This is another of the deadliest types of truck accidents. A head-on collision occurs when a truck crash in front of another vehicle.
  • T-bone Crashes. This accident usually occurs when a truck driver beats the red light and collides with another vehicle on its side.

Our truck accident attorneys have vast experience with different truck accident cases. Trucking companies will do their best to avoid liability for accidents caused by truck drivers. In these cases, it would help to arm yourself with a highly effective truck accident lawyer.



Although both trucks and cars are motor vehicles, they have different legalities. Accidents stemming from these motor vehicles differ in terms of liability and the nature of injuries sustained. Furthermore, a trucking firm may utilize an insurance company to provide accident injury coverage for other truck drivers and their trucks.


Unlike most motor vehicle accidents, appointing liability in a truck accident case is challenging. Most truck accident cases involve a third party. Whether it’s the driver’s employer, truck owner, or the truck manufacturing company, third-party involvement further complicates a case.

Because of this, a series of thorough investigations may be necessary to appoint the responsibility to the correct party.


The degree of injury a truck accident could inflict is much greater than a car accident. Because of its enormous size, truck accidents often result in wrongful death.

Victims of truck accidents could also suffer from debilitating injuries which could hinder them from continuing their everyday lives.

Following a truck accident, it’s critical to have a medical professional evaluate your condition. An MRI could help visualize damages inside your body, particularly the brain. If you or someone you know sustains grave truck accident injuries, speak with a lawyer immediately.


Different factors could cause truck accidents in Chicago. Some of these factors are external (i.e., weather and road hazards), while some are solely on the driver (i.e., poor skills, negligence, intoxication, etc.). It’s vital to understand what are these reasons to prevent unwanted circumstances.

  • Inclement weather. Poor weather conditions could decrease a driver’s road vision, and this limited vision could lead to catastrophic accidents. It’s best to put off driving until the weather clears up.
  • Road hazards. Road defects, such as potholes and humps, result from the road’s wear and tear. Over time, as the road is used by countless vehicles, it will start to crumble.
  • Poor driving skills. Underskilled drivers are known to cause serious roadside accidents. Operating large vehicles such as trucks requires exceptional driving skills.
  • Inattentive driving. Negligent driving is a leading cause of accidents in almost every motor vehicle accident case.
  • Drunk driving. Illinois and other states make it illegal to operate a truck while intoxicated. Drunk driving increases your chances of encountering an accident.



Accidents following a truck collision are often life-threatening. Because of this significant risk, truck drivers need to minimize driving errors and take excessive caution when driving on populated roads. Some of the catastrophic injuries resulting from truck accidents are:

  • Traumatic brain injury and head damage;
  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis;
  • Broken bones or fractures;
  • Major lacerations; and
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries.

Other than the ones mentioned above, truck accident victims also sustain manageable damages. Some of these easily treatable injuries are as follows:

  • Strain, sprain, or contusion;
  • Minor cuts;
  • Mild disorientation and body bruises.

Regardless of whether you sustain an apparent injury or not, it’s vital to have a medical professional assess your situation. Some injuries manifest their signs and symptoms weeks, or even months, following the accident.


Truck accidents can result in severe and life-changing injuries for victims. In addition to seeking medical attention, it is essential to understand what compensatory damages may be available to your situation.

Compensatory damages are designed to reimburse victims for the losses they suffer from an accident. This could include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you suffered from injuries in a truck accident, contact our Chicago truck accident lawyer today for a free consultation. Our lawyers at Conboy Law Firm will help you get the compensation you deserve!



Medical expenses take up the majority of the accident victim’s financial burden. Accident victims often have to pay for their own medical expenses out of pocket. This could include the following expenditures:

  • Ambulance fees;
  • Hospital stays;
  • Surgeries;
  • Follow-up doctor visits; and
  • Medications and rehabilitation.


In addition to the medical expenses, accident victims also incur damages in lost wages. If you’re unable to work because of your injuries, you may be able to recover compensation for your lost income.

Furthermore, some accident victims are left with a permanent impairment affecting their future earning capacity. In these cases, it’s possible to recover damages for the future loss of income.



Pain and suffering damages are compensatory in nature, and they’re meant to reimburse accident victims for the physical and emotional anguish they endure. These damages are often difficult to quantify, as they vary from individual to individual.

Nonetheless, if you can prove that you’ve suffered immense pain and suffering, you may be able to recover damages for them. Medical notes from a mental health professional may be valuable evidence to prove this claim.


A catastrophic accident resulting from truck accidents may lead to disfigurement. In these cases, victims may recover damages for the permanent injuries they sustained from the accident.



Suppose you are involved in a truck accident. In that case, there are several potentially liable parties. The truck driver, the trucking firm, and even the truck manufacturer can all be held responsible for your injuries.

If you’re considering bringing a lawsuit against any of these entities, you must speak with a Chicago truck accident lawyer. They will help you determine who is at fault for your accident. Furthermore, they can help you identify what damages you may be able to recover.


The primary suspect in the event of a truck-related accident is the truck driver. This is because they are the ones behind the wheel of the truck. Often, truck drivers are under pressure to meet deadlines, disoriented, or maybe intoxicated. This can lead to reckless driving and cause an accident. Some negligent practices a driver may exhibit are:

  • Tailgating and overspeeding;
  • Failing to provide the right of way;
  • Drunk driving, overfatigue, or drowsy driving.



The trucking firm may also be liable for your injuries if they were lax in hiring or training the truck driver. For example, if the trucking firm knew that the driver had a history of reckless driving, they may be held liable for your accident. Other instances a trucking firm can be held accountable are:

  • Failure to maintain the state of the truck;
  • Failure to secure the load or trailer of the truck; and
  • Encourage drivers to neglect driving rules to meet strict deadlines.


Other parties a truck accident victim can hold accountable for their damages are manufacturing companies, employment agencies, brokers, loaders, and mechanics.

  • Manufacturing companies. The manufacturer might be liable if a defective part or design led to the truck accident.
  • Employment agencies. The employment agency might be at fault if the truck driver was fatigued or overworked due to poor working conditions.
  • Brokers. The party who arranged for the shipment of goods may also be liable if they did not properly vet the truck driver or the trucking company.
  • Loaders. The party who loaded the truck may also be at fault if they did not properly secure the load.
  • Mechanics. If the mechanic did not properly maintain the truck, the accident victim might hold them liable for the incident.


Illinois state law, 735 ILCS 5/2-1116, provides the legal context determining the state’s adaptation of the comparative negligence law. According to this legislation, personal injury victims may not be allowed to recover any compensation if the court discovers that they are more than 50% responsible for the accident.

Because of this, it’s critical to manifest viable evidence to defend your claim and preserve the amount of compensation you can receive.



Preserving evidence is a top priority after encountering a truck accident in Chicago. Here are some critical steps you need to do following a truck collision.

  • Seek medical help. As established in former sections, truck accident victims often sustain significant injuries following a truck collision. Because of the severity of an injury, it’s critical to seek immediate medical treatment.

  • Contact authorities. After an accident, it’s crucial to report the incident to police officers. They will create an official police report for the accident. You can also use this official report as evidence when proving your injury claim later.
  • Obtain evidence and information. In addition to evidence preservation, gathering as much information related to the accident is crucial. This includes photos of the scene, contact information for witnesses, the truck driver’s name, and their insurance provider.
  • Don’t admit to any fault. Most Chicago truck accident attorneys will not advise you to disclose any responsibility for the accident. Take note that anything you say can and will be used against you.
  • Arrange an appointment with a lawyer. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, it’s essential to contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer. Our accident attorney at Conboy Law Firm has experience handling these types of cases, and we can help you identify what damages you may be able to recover.


  • Contingency fee basis. We are ardent believers that everyone is entitled to high-quality legal representation regardless of financial means. As a result, our legal office offers a contingency plan to our clients. You only have to pay us if we are successful at helping you recover compensation.
  • No-cost consultation. We give a free consultation as part of our commitment to make legal services more accessible. You don’t need to pay for your initial case consultation, and our attorney will assist you in navigating your legal alternatives and deciding on the best course of action.
  • A near-perfect success rate. Our principal attorney in Conboy Law Firm, Attorney Joseph Conboy, helped countless accident victims in the past. With a near-perfect success rate, he could assist innumerable victims in obtaining the justice they deserved. His accomplishments in the field of personal injury law speak for themselves.


How long do I have to file a truck accident lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois?

Accident cases in Illinois have a statute of limitation of up to two years under the state’s regulation stated in 735 ILCS 5/13-202. Accident victims and their attorneys have two years to build a case and file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Investigations involving truck accident cases often take a long time. Because of this, it’s crucial to begin the legal process as soon as possible.

How long does a truck accident case take to settle?

This depends on the nature of the truck accident. A straightforward truck accident claim would probably take a few months but no longer than a year to settle. However, if the case needs to be filed formally or if other complicating factors come into play, the entire process would take more than a year to resolve. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you get the ground running and hasten the legal process.

Can I still recover damages if I was partially at fault for my truck accident in Chicago?

According to the state’s comparative negligence statute, victims of vehicle accidents must not have contributed more than 50% to the accident to be compensated. Establishing your shared fault in the collision is critical to prevent this circumstance. Otherwise, the court may dismiss their compensation claims.

How much is my truck accident case worth?

There is no statutory limit on how much a vehicle accident victim in Chicago can collect for their losses. The value of your lawsuit is proportional to the amount of harm you received in the accident. If you had severe injuries, you are entitled to more money in compensation. Experienced truck accident attorneys can help you accurately estimate your recoverable damages.

Should I hire a truck accident lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a truck collision, it’s essential to contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer. Experienced attorneys can help you identify what damages you may be able to recover. At Conboy Law Firm, we have experience handling these cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve.



Truck accidents may happen to you. Our Chicago truck accident lawyer at Conboy Law Firm will help defend your rights and bring the compensation you rightfully deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us now! You can reach our legal firm at (312)726-9000. Clients can also submit their case details through our online contact form.

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