Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer

Chicago construction accident lawyer

Construction workers are exposed to dangerous situations daily, and you need the protection you need. You expect your employer to take all the necessary safety precautions to protect you, but accidents can still happen at any time.

Chicago construction workers can suffer severe, life-threatening injuries while on the job, and Chicago construction accident attorneys can provide you with the representation you deserve.

At Conboy Law, our team’s Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer can ensure your rights are protected. Learn more about Chicago construction industry accidents below, and contact us for a case consultation.

You Need Chicago Construction Accident Attorneys To Review Your Case

You need chicago construction accident attorneys to review your case

Following a severe accident, you must seek medical care as quickly as possible. Even if your injuries are not severe, you still need to ensure a doctor conducts a complete examination. There might be serious injuries that are not yet showing symptoms, and you must make sure you receive appropriate treatment.

Once you have made the appointment, ask for a copy of your medical record. You might need this to file a personal injury claim after a construction accident in Chicago.

Make sure you take your medical record to a Chicago construction accident lawyer who can review your case. We can see if you are entitled to compensation that can replace lost wages, cover your medical expenses, and ensure you can make ends meet as you recover. 

Construction Accident Statistics

Construction sites are dangerous, and according to information published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some of the most important statistics related to construction accidents include:

  • Construction workers are approximately 50% more likely to be injured in a slip and fall accident.
  • Construction workers are far more likely to be injured in a fall to a lower level when compared to the rest of the private sector. 
  • Construction workers are also far more likely to be injured in a slip or trip accident, even if it does not have a significant fall. 
  • In 2020 alone, more than 1,000 construction workers were killed in a serious slip and fall accident. Because of these statistics, every construction worker must ensure they have the necessary safety equipment when they are on the job. You must reach out to a Chicago construction accident lawyer if you have suffered injuries while on the job. Construction accidents occur frequently, and injured workers must have their rights protected.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Chicago

Common types of construction accidents

Construction workers might be involved in several common construction accidents in Chicago. Some of the most common examples of these accidents include the following:

Falls From Scaffolding or Heights

You could be seriously injured if you fall from a significant height. For example, you might be working on a scaffold, and you could trip and fall. If you fall from multiple stories, you could suffer serious injuries, and some of them could result in permanent complications.

Even if you are not working on a construction scaffold, you still might fall from a significant height, and it could result in a major injury. Following a fall, you could suffer a broken bone, a torn ligament, or even a traumatic brain injury. 

Falling Objects

If you are at a construction site, multiple types of projects occur at different levels. Objects can fall from a higher story, and some of them could lead to serious injuries.

Even a relatively small object can pick up speed quickly. If one strikes your head, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury. That is why you need to wear a helmet at all times. If you are leaning over working on something else, the object could also strike your back, leading to a major injury.

Slips and Trips

There are a lot of trip hazards when you are on a construction site. Cords might cross before you, and tools could be left behind. These can significantly increase your chances of tripping and falling. A slip or trip accident could lead to major injuries.

For example, you could slip and fall, leading to a broken wrist. You could also slip and land on your hip, leading to a significant hip injury. Sometimes, a slip-and-fall accident could result in a back injury. Always seek medical care if you are involved in an accident at your construction site.

Transportation Accidents

If you are working on a huge project, you should take transportation from place to place. Just like accidents that take place on the road, you could get involved in a transportation accident at a construction site.

Even a transportation accident that takes place at a relatively low speed could result in serious injuries. For example, you might suffer a head injury, a femur fracture, or even a laceration. Even a tiny cut could get infected, so you should seek medical care quickly following a transportation accident.


There are even situations where you might get electrocuted when you are on a construction site. Someone has to wire the building, and exposed wires could dramatically increase your chances of getting electrocuted. Some electrocution injuries can lead to severe burns, and you might suffer permanent complications.

It will be best to use appropriate protection to reduce your chances of being harmed in an electrocution accident. Still, if you get electrocuted, you could be entitled to compensation. It would be our pleasure to review your case and see how we can help you. 

What To Do if You Have Been Injured on a Construction Site

What to do if you have been injured on a construction site

If you have suffered a severe injury on a construction site, there are several essential steps you need to take, including:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

You always need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. You might think that you haven’t suffered any serious injuries, but there could be major complications that are not yet showing any symptoms. You do not want your injuries to get overlooked, as your complications could worsen.

Always reach out to a doctor who can help you as quickly as possible, and ensure you ask for a copy of your medical report. You might need it to file a construction accident claim down the road.

File a Report of Your Injury

Remember to notify your employer of your injury. They need to know about the accident because you do not want anyone on your team to get hurt. In addition, if you let your employer know about your injury by filing a report, they could help you coordinate care. You can also hold them responsible because they will know what happened.

After you file your injury report, you should ask for a copy. You might need it to support your personal injury claim down the road.

Take Photographs

As time goes on, your injury will probably start to heal. It means that any evidence of your injury will also begin to fade, so remember to take some photographs immediately after your injury. If you cannot do so, ask the medical team to help you take pictures.

Ensure you preserve those pictures, as you might need them to support your personal injury claim. A picture can paint a picture for an insurance company, a jury, or a judge, and it can let people know exactly what types of injuries you might have suffered.

Meet With a Construction Worker Injury Lawyer

After you are confident that there is a plan for your medical recovery, you need to meet with a construction worker injury attorney. Your medical expenses can be significant, and you might be unable to return to work immediately.

A construction accident lawyer could file a claim on your behalf. You might be entitled to damages that can cover your medical expenses, and you might also be entitled to compensation that can replace any income that you have lost.

Request and Review All Reports

You must collect as much paperwork as possible, as your lawyer will need it to support your personal injury lawsuit. It will help if you always ask for a copy of your medical records, as it will be evidence of the interviews you have suffered.

Your Chicago construction accident attorney can also tell you what other types of paperwork could benefit your claim. 

People Liable for Your Construction Accident Injuries

People liable for your construction accident injuries

Different parties could be responsible for the injuries you might have suffered at a Chicago construction accident site. They include:

  • The property owner might be responsible for the interviews you have suffered.Chicago construction accident attorney
  • The equipment manufacturer could also be accountable if you get injured by defective equipment.
  • The construction company could also be responsible for providing you with the proper safety equipment.  

We will conduct a full investigation to ensure everyone responsible for your injuries is held accountable. 

Statutes of Limitations on Construction Site Injuries in Illinois

If you get injured in a construction accident in Illinois, you have three years to file a claim. If you file a claim after this time, no matter how obvious the claim is, your case will not be heard.

Other factors and how long you have to file a claim can play a role, but it is always better to be safe. Reach out to our Chicago construction accident attorneys at Conboy Law as quickly as possible, and let us ensure you file your claim on time. 

Let Us Help You Determine What Your Case Is Worth

After getting injured in a Chicago construction accident, an insurance company could offer you an offer. Even though it sounds like a lot of money, it is probably not worth your case. The insurance company will pay you as little money as possible to get the issue away. It would be best if you did not settle for anything less than what your case is worth, and that is where a Chicago construction accident lawyer from our team can help you. Instead of negotiating with the insurance company alone, let an attorney from our team help you secure as much money as possible. 

Our Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers Are Available and Ready To Help Construction Accident Victims

Construction accident lawyers are available and ready to help

If you are involved in a construction accident, it is critical to seek medical care as quickly as possible. It would help if you made sure that your injuries were adequately addressed. Then, remember to reach out to a Chicago construction accident lawyer from our team. 

At Conboy Law, we can provide you with a case consultation to see if we can pursue compensation on your behalf. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our team! 

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