Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer

Cerebral palsy can change a family’s life forever. Often caused by medical errors during birth or early infancy, it affects movement, posture, and muscle coordination. Parents and guardians need the right legal partner to fight for justice and proper compensation. The Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer here at Conboy Law understands the complexities of cerebral palsy cases in Chicago and is here to help.

At Conboy Law, we understand that a child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis can be a life-changing event for not just the child but the whole family. Some cases result from a brain injury, while others could result from a birth injury. Your top priority needs to be the medical care your child receives. Count on our team to take care of the legal issues for you.

Learn more about cerebral palsy and potential medical malpractice lawsuits below. Then, reach out to our team to schedule a free consultation.

Dedicated Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Helping With Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits

Dedicated Chicago celebral palsy lawyer helping with cerebral palsy lawsuits

When you suspect medical negligence caused your child’s condition, you need an experienced lawyer. Conboy Law is dedicated to assisting Chicago families every step of the way. We’re with you, from evaluating your case to fighting for you in court. Some of the ways that we can help you and your child include:

A. Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation: At Conboy Law, we first understand your story. Our initial consultation focuses on understanding the circumstances of your child’s condition. By evaluating the potential causes, we determine the best legal path.

B. Gathering Medical and Legal Evidence: Evidence is the cornerstone of any claim. We meticulously gather medical records, witness statements, and expert opinions. Our goal is to build an unshakeable case.

C. Building a Strong Legal Strategy: Having the right game plan can make a world of difference. We strategize based on the evidence, aiming for the maximum compensation. Each plan is tailored to the unique aspects of your case.

D. Negotiating With Insurance Companies: Insurance companies can be tough negotiators. They often prioritize profits over patients. Conboy Law ensures they listen, advocating for your child’s rightful compensation.

E. Representing Clients in Court: If negotiations don’t yield fair results, we’re prepared to litigate. In the courtroom, our experience and dedication shine, representing your family’s best interests.

With cerebral palsy cases, the stakes are high. Conboy Law understands the profound impact on your child’s life and future. We’re committed to fighting for justice and the compensation you deserve.

Legal Foundations for Cerebral Palsy Claims in Chicago

Understanding the legal bedrock of cerebral palsy claims is crucial. Chicago law provides clear avenues for those affected to seek justice. Here’s how the legal landscape looks.

Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Healthcare professionals hold a duty of care to all of their patients. They can be held accountable when they falter in this duty, causing injuries like cerebral palsy. Negligence claims arise when these professionals don’t provide the expected standard of care, leading to preventable harm. In Chicago, medical malpractice laws support affected families in their quest for justice.

Statute of Limitations

Legal cases have time limits. In Chicago, there’s a defined period to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit after discovering the injury. Waiting too long can deny you the chance for justice. It’s vital to act promptly and consult a lawyer about your case. The statute of limitations may differ from case to case, but it is generally eight years for birth injury cases.

Burden of Proof in Cerebral Palsy Cases

For a successful claim, plaintiffs must prove the defendant’s negligence. This means showcasing how their actions, or lack thereof, directly caused the cerebral palsy. This isn’t a simple task. Strong evidence, expert testimonies, and compelling arguments are necessary.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Birth Injuries: Sometimes, mistakes during the birthing process can lead to cerebral palsy. This could be due to prolonged labor, incorrect use of birthing tools, or delayed C-sections.

Medical Negligence: Apart from birth injuries, other medical errors during early infancy can result in cerebral palsy. This might include misdiagnoses, medication mistakes, or mishandled illnesses.

Oxygen Deprivation: One common cause of cerebral palsy is a lack of oxygen flowing to the child’s brain. This can happen during birth or due to medical conditions shortly after.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Types of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy isn’t just one disorder. It’s a group of disorders affecting movement and muscle tone. Let’s delve into its types.

Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Spastic cerebral palsy is the most predominant kind of this condition. Stiff muscles and jerky movements characterize this form. These symptoms result from brain damage that affects the body’s movement and coordination. Often, this type affects only one side of the body.

Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy

Dyskinetic cerebral palsy patients experience fluctuating muscle tone. They might have uncontrollable movements in their hands, arms, feet, and legs. Their faces and tongues can also be affected, making it hard to swallow or talk. This disorder is also called athetoid cerebral palsy.

Ataxic Cerebral Palsy

People with ataxic cerebral palsy struggle with balance and coordination. Their movements might be shaky, especially when they’re trying to do quick tasks. Walking can be unsteady, and they might have a hard time with tasks requiring fine motor skills.

Mixed-Type Cerebral Palsy

As the name suggests, some people have symptoms of more than one type of cerebral palsy. This combination can make their condition more complex. The exact symptoms vary based on which types of cerebral palsy are combined.

Navigating the Legal Process in Chicago Cerebral Palsy Claim

Chicago’s legal process for cerebral palsy claims can be intricate. With multiple stages and considerations, you need a seasoned guide. Conboy Law is here to steer you through.

A. Preparing for Depositions and Trial: Depositions are formal statements crucial for the lawsuit. We help clients prepare for these, ensuring clarity and consistency. When it’s time for trial, we ensure you’re ready for what lies ahead.

B. Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Sometimes, cases can be resolved without a trial. Mediation brings both parties together for negotiations. We advocate for your interests, aiming for a just resolution.

C. Exploring Settlement Options: Settlements can offer a quicker resolution than trials. We assess each offer, advising you on its merits. Our focus is always on securing the best possible outcome.

D. Trial Procedures and Strategies: If the case goes to trial, it’s a structured process. We employ tailored strategies for jury selection, opening statements, presenting evidence, and closing arguments. With Conboy Law, you have a formidable advocate in court.

Claims for cerebral palsy require tenacity, expertise, and dedication. We’re not just here for the legal fight but for your family’s future. Trust Conboy Law to stand beside you every step of the way.

Collaborating With Medical Experts

Collaborating with medical experts

Medical experts play a pivotal role in cerebral palsy lawsuits. Their knowledge can strengthen your claim, offering insights that are hard to refute. Let’s delve into their critical contribution.

A. Importance of Medical Expert Testimony: Expert testimonies can make or break a case. Medical professionals can elucidate how negligence led to cerebral palsy, offering a clear link between the cause and the condition.

B. Identifying Reputable Medical Experts: It’s crucial to have credible experts on your side. We maintain a network of reputable medical professionals, ensuring their testimonies hold weight in court.

C. Role of Medical Experts in Strengthening Cases: More than just testifying, medical experts help in case preparation. They can review evidence, suggest additional inquiries, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the medical aspects.

Having the right experts backing your claim elevates its strength. It showcases a commitment to truth and bolsters your argument. With Conboy Law, we ensure that every facet of your claim, including expert collaboration, is handled with precision and care.

Assigning Liability for Cerebral Palsy Injuries in Chicago

In cerebral palsy cases, determining liability is central. It’s about identifying who failed in their duty of care, leading to the injury. Hospitals, medical staff, or even pharmaceutical companies could be responsible. A thorough investigation by Conboy Law uncovers these culprits, holding them accountable.

However, assigning liability isn’t just about blame. It’s about ensuring that those responsible provide adequate compensation. This can help in covering medical expenses, therapy, and future care costs. Conboy Law’s pursuit of justice is relentless, ensuring that the responsible parties are held to account.

Pursuing Compensation and Damages

The consequences of cerebral palsy are lifelong. Thus, the compensation sought should reflect the gravity and duration of these challenges. Here’s how Conboy Law fights for your rights.

A. Medical Expenses and Future Care Costs: The medical costs for cerebral palsy are extensive. From surgeries to ongoing care, families face hefty bills. We ensure these current and future expenses are covered in your compensation.

B. Rehabilitation and Therapy Costs: Many cerebral palsy patients need therapy and rehabilitation. These treatments can elevate the standard of life. Our claim includes these crucial expenses.

C. Pain and Suffering Damages: Beyond just medical bills, cerebral palsy brings physical pain and challenges. Compensation should acknowledge this suffering, and we fight to ensure it does.

D. Emotional Distress Damages: The emotional toll on families and patients is immeasurable. We believe in compensating for this distress by recognizing the trauma experienced.

E. Loss of Earning Capacity: Cerebral palsy can limit future earning potential. We ensure that this financial loss is compensated, securing a better future for the affected child.

Every child deserves a chance at a full, happy life. While compensation can’t undo the harm, it can ease the journey. Trust Conboy Law to be your steadfast partner in this pursuit.

Contact Our Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer at Conboy Law for an Initial Consultation Today

Contact our Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer at Conboy Law for an initial consultation today

In the face of cerebral palsy challenges, you’re not alone. Conboy Law stands ready to champion your cause, armed with expertise, compassion, and determination. Your child deserves justice, and with us, that pursuit becomes a shared mission.

Connect with our dedicated Chicago cerebral palsy lawyers. Let Conboy Law guide, support, and fight for your family. Together, we’ll forge a path to justice and a brighter tomorrow. 

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